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T.M. Kovacevich Philadelphia, Inc. – Producelogic

T.M. Kovacevich Philadelphia, Inc. is a distributor of fresh produce, specializing in premium fruits, located in the Philadelphia Regional Produce Market.

Since 2004, TMK has been using ProduceLogic Professional, a complete solution developed specifically for the produce wholesaler. ProduceLogic Professional uses the latest technology, from touch screen point-of-sale kiosks to biometric security features.

While the software was involved in nearly every aspect of TMK’s complex operations, from order entry to receiving inventory to order fulfillment and billing, the interface was designed to be as simple and intuitive as possible. This allowed salespeople and warehouse workers who had never used computers in their day-to-day work before to quickly and easily learn the new system. Touchscreen monitors were utilized for ease of use. High speed thermal printers allowed for fast, automated printing of sales tickets and pallet stickers. Custom reports were created to provide real-time data at the click of a button. Orbis even designed and built sales kiosks customized for TMK’s location.

ProduceLogic also includes a full accounts payable and receivable module. A wireless Ethernet bridge was installed to allow TMK’s back office operations to seamlessly connect to the warehouse located across the street and use these features.

With the help of Orbis, TMK was able to advance their operation from handwritten tickets and delayed sales and inventory figures to point-of-sale order entry and real-time inventory.