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Orbis Voice is focused on providing the right communications solution for your company. Businesses from 3 to 300+ users can have a full featured phone system and save on their monthly communications and maintenance costs.

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What is VoIP?

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is, basically speaking, is the transmission of voice communications over IP networks such as the Internet. Other terms frequently encountered and synonymous with VoIP are IP telephony, Internet telephony, voice over broadband (VoBB), broadband telephony, and broadband phone.

VoIP refers to communications services—voice, facsimile, and/or voice-messaging applications—that are transported via the Internet, rather than the public switched telephone network (PSTN). The basic steps involved in originating an Internet telephone call are conversion of the analog voice signal to digital format and compression/translation of the signal into Internet protocol (IP) packets for transmission over the Internet; the process is reversed at the receiving end.

Benefits of VOIP & Hosted PBX

  • Lower monthly costs: Orbis Voice customers are typically able to realize up to 50% savings on their monthly communications and maintenance costs.
  • Shared networking infrastructure
  • Advanced calling features