support services

You have enough going on with your business without having to worry about technology issues. Let Orbis be your IT department.

Orbis offers a variety of technology support services to meet your business needs. Whether it’s a malfunctioning computer, flaky Internet access, problems with printing, or a nasty e-mail virus, we’re here to support you.

Service Contracts

For the highest level of support, Orbis offers complete Service Contracts, customized to meet your needs. Each contract begins with a full on-site audit of your office, in order to facilitate any future work. Each company’s needs are unique, but contracts typically include support for PC’s, servers, network support, and commonly used Microsoft Office applications like Word and Excel. Coverage is itemized in your contract, so there are never any surprises or hidden charges.

As a Service Contract customer, you’re entitled to unlimited phone support during business hours. If on-site help is needed, a technician can be sent to your location within 24 hours. And you’ll have the benefit of avoiding big surprises and paying a flat-fee every month.

Our incentive is to keep your network running smoothly, so the better we do our job, the less you’ll see of us, and the more you’ll get out of your network.

Technical Support Cards

If you’re not sure of your exact needs but would still like the security of an on-call tech support staff, Orbis offers prepaid Technical Support Cards, available in units of one and five incidents. If a problem arises, simply call the toll-free number on the card. A technician will assist you over the phone, and if necessary, come to your office to help you.

Drop Off Service

Is your home PC moving at a snail’s pace? Can’t get rid of those pesky pop-ups? Need to install a new video card but not sure where to begin? Drop off your PC at our office and let one of our trained technicians take care of it. Most of the time we can have your computer ready for you in a day. And if you’re especially nice to Anthony, you might even get it back in a few hours!